Soccer is growing bigger and bigger everyday in Canada, and smart companies know this. WSA Winnipeg provides an opportunity for companies to reach the growing group of customers that watch and play the game.


There are many reasons why your company should sponsor WSA Winnipeg: 

  • Soccer is the highest youth participation sport in Winnipeg. Over 20000 kids play!
  • Soccer popularity is growing fast. With increasing attendance and viewership, more and more Canadians are watching the sports
  • Soccer clubs are deeply connected with their communities. The passion soccer fans have for their club is unrivalled. Most of our club’s players will coem from Winnipeg and be developed by our academy. Sponsoring WSA Winnipeg gives your company the opportunity to tap into this passion.
  • Soccer is the world’s game. People from all cultures and walks of life follow the beautiful game. Reach a broader audience by sponsoring Winnipeg’s soccer club.

Sponsoring our team will allow your company to reach this large group of young people. Our club also intends to offer benefits to companies who sponsor our PDL team when we move up to professional soccer.

If your company is interested in sponsoring WSA Winnipeg for the 2013 season, please contact us at (204) 477-0763 email us at


WSA Winnipeg is proud to announce Mondetta as our founding partner. Mondetta is a Canadian casual and sportswear design and manufacturing company. The brand is best known for its world-flag themed apparel. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Mondetta has three main divisions: Mondetta, MPG and private label.