Winnipeg, Manitoba • June 6, 2014: The Third home game of the 2014 PDL season was a scrappy affair as WSA won the yellow card battle for the 3rd game in the row with 6…..WSA came out flying and a number of chances seemed to go over the top of the net or saved by the Demize goalkeeper……..Josh Partaker who received Honorable mention for PDL Team of the week for his performance against Thunder Bay kept WSA in it with another great performance between the pipes. The play was pretty back and forth and hard fought  at times as both teams tried to play a possession games but not as successful as they would like but  making it a very entertaining game…….at the whistle the score was 0-0….The second half was a lot of the same in all aspects…..Moses Danto who was voted for the PDL Team of the week for his 2 goal performance against Thunder Bay had a solid game and had many chances to get WSA on board but today was not going to be his day in finding the back of the net…….WSA played with a couple of players suspended from playing due to yellow card violations……as the game progressed it seem evident that both teams wanted to win and that the 1 point  was not good for anyone  but then the unthinkable happened……A questionable penalty shot was awarded to the Demize in extra time ……..As the fans squirmed in their seats with both anger and anticipation as a loss was imminent…….But Josh Partaker made another spectacular save diving to his right to stop the shot and preserving the result …..This is the 2nd penalty shot save for Josh in 3 games………As I mentioned in my previous summary he has been great to this point……..The game ended at 0-0. And WSA record is now 2 Wins 2 Losses 2 Ties for a total of 8 points……WSA will host St Louis on Sunday June 8th at 1:30 ………..Hope to see you Sunday. 

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