Rosters Announced

All-Stars and WSA Winnipeg release exhibition game rosters!

March 31, 2014 • Winnipeg, Manitoba

WSA Winnipeg and the Manitoba All-Stars have released their rosters for their exhibition game this coming weekend. The April 6 game at the Indoor complex will feature some of the best men's soccer players in Manitoba.

WSA Winnipeg will field the following rosters.

Josh Partaker
Lucas Delgrosso
Braden Hildago
Moses Danto
Josh Sanagh
Kris Nordman
Kyle Hiebert
William Rosales
Jordan Smith
Caelan Budhoo
Krzysztof  Szulc
Aaron Badescu
Paulo Delgrosso
Jyiu Jida
Braden Silva
Mathew Thompson
Justin Foderado
Braden Milani
Hamza Mustapha
Aaron Hildago
Steven Robinson
Ryan Ramjiawan
Omar Amador
Eric Smith 

The Manitoba All-Stars will counter with the following roster.

Jeremy Lomonaco – Striker
Jordy Lomonaco – Midfield
Martin Skiarski – Goalie
Logan Grzenda – Goalie
Lamin Colly – Defender
Gaetan Infantino – Defender
Demetri Infanidis – Defender
B.J. Kabamba – Midfield
Ahmed Nafiu – Midfield
Sahand Barazandeh – Defender
Yannis    - Midfield
Ross Pinhammer – Midfield
Amos Ganyea – Striker
Zach Harrison -  Defender
Andrew Patton – Striker
Nick Zahanovich – Striker
Enrique Garacia – Midfield
Kyle Gibson – Midfield
Brandon Labonte – Defender
Edin Kurbegovic   -  Striker

Kick-off is at 11:30 am and doors at the complex will be open at 
10:30 am.  Tickets are only $5.00 and will be available at Red Card
Soccer, or by calling 204-477-0763 and at the door.