Saturday Pack vs Chill Game Summary


Monday, June 2, 2004: We had a great night weather wise for WSA Winnipeg’s first home game of the 2014 PDL season….....The Thunder Bay chill are in town fresh from a PDL runner up finish last year……They have always been a great challenge for our young lads and this always shows where the our boys are in their development as coach Tony Colistro of Thunder Bay always fields a very competitive team. The game was a defensive affair where both sides tried to play a possession and counter attack style of soccer…it seemed that the referees were not being hesitant in bringing out the YELLOW cards as we were saddled with a minimum of 4…. 2 on this play to 2 different players. This adversity  seemed to make our boys play even harder…….but alas it was Thunder Bay who scored first in the 35th minute on a what seemed to be confusion in our box…….the defensive game continued and the first half ended 1-0…….The second half was a lot like the first half except Thunder Bay started to play 8 guys back on defensive every time WSA touched the ball……We kept coming but could not penetrate the chill defense….This was an exhausting exercise and the fatigue showed in the goal as Thunder Bay player got free and calmly chipped it over Josh Partaker……Josh got a piece of it but unfortunately not enough and it became 2-0……It was great to see Moses Danto out there for his first action of the year and looked a little rusty from his injury but played very aggressively and deserved a free kick when he was hit hard by the Chill player just outside the Chill 18 YD box……..Another highlight was the absolute sensational save made by Josh Partaker on a penalty shot that was given after a chill player was brought down in the box….The save was brilliant. WSA Winnipeg and the Thunder Bay Chill go at it again Sunday at 01:30 PM at the Waverly Soccer Complex…….Come out and see top notch soccer………….

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